Provides the following services

● Mechanical Breakdown Auto Inspections
(Cause and extent of damage)

● Used Vehicle Pre-purchase Auto Inspections

● Lease Buy-Back Auto Inspections

● Consulting and Expert Witness Services
- To Insurance Companies
- Warranty Administrators
- The Legal Profession
- Governmental Agencies
- Consumers

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  • A thorough bumper-to-bumper visual inspection of the vehicle – including the undercarriage, looking for evidence of any major collision repairs, flood damage, corrosion, fluid leaks, or any recent repairs that may indicate existing or future problems.
  • A visual inspection of all visible brake, steering, and suspension components.
  • A visual inspection of the components in the engine compartment area.  Also,
  • A test drive of the vehicle to evaluate the performance of the engine, transmission, steering, suspension, and brakes under various driving conditions.
  • $125.00 (Most Vehicles): Time:1 hour


Basic Inspection plus....

  • An electrical test of the battery, starter, and alternator.
  • A compression test of the engine (one cylinder).
  • A bore scope examination of the inside of the engine (one cylinder) to check for excessive oil consumption, overheat damage, or excessive wear to the cylinder.
  • $150.00 (Most Vehicles): Time:1½ hours

Deluxe inspection plus …

  • A viscosity test of the engine oil to check for thickening agents that are often used to hide abnormal enhine noises.
  • A five gas exhaust analysis to make sure all the cylinders are firing properly.
  • A computerized scan of the vehicle's computer to check for any fault codes.
  • $200.00 (Most Vehicles): Time:2 hours

    Mechanical Breakdown Auto Inspections are used to determine the cause and extent of damage or failure to any automotive component, assembly, system or sub-system.

    Same or next day service – After 5 PM Services & Weekends

    Clearly written reports faxed or sent on-line within 1 day of the inspection

    On-line digital photo transmission

    Money saving Technical Service Bulletins and a research department


    Expert Witness

    BRUSS Inspections provides mechanical expert witness services to the legal profession. Led by the founder, Bill Russ, BRUSS Inspections Master Inspectors are highly trained and experienced in mechanical expert legal cases. Inspectors specialize in mechanical failure, cash / diminished value appraisals, product liability, and negligence. Experience includes depositions, inspections, appraisals, and court testimony. Other related services include research, document preparation, photography, investigation, and written reports.

    These services are also available to the general public for assistance in automotive repair shop disputes, insurance company denials, and any other dispute that is automotive or mechanical related. Rates start at $175.00 per hour and usually require an advance retainer.

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